Type Design website is now dead. This is because my Netlify has been suspended for fake terms of service violations (it has likely happened due to various unethical and banned users), and furthermore, as my PC is dead, Type Design website is not coming back for years. Type Design was an ethical source of public domain fonts.

All Type Design fonts are public domain. TD renderer inherits the licensing of FreeType. None of the files on the Type Design Dead website are copyright infringement.

DMCA Sans Serif 9.0-20252: DMCAsansserif9.0-20252.zip
Custom Font ttf: customfontttf-20104.zip, CustomFontttf12h5.0DEV.ttf, CustomFontttf16h5.0DEV.ttf, CustomFontttf20h1.0DEV.ttf
Kissinger 13.06: kissinger1306.zip
Moshita Mono 5.62: moshiov0562.zip
Fifaks 1.0 dev1: Fifaks1.0dev1.ttf
TD bitmaps: TDbitmaps1-v1.5dev1.zip, TDbitmaps2-7x15-1.5dev2.zip

TD renderer 3.0 mod1: tdrenderer-3.0-mod1.zip

Name: Piotr Grochowski
E-mail: piotrunio-2004@wp.pl
AnyDesk: 454 321 583